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The workshop will take place at the annual meeting of the SPEC RG Predictive Data Analytics Working Group at the ICPE 2022 on the 11th of April 2022 at 7pm CEST.

The following is planned to be our program schedule:

Time Topic
19:00 Gathering and welcome (André Bauer, Uni Würzburg)
19:05 Keynote: Modeling and optimization expand results of load testing and benchmarking (Boris Zibitsker PhD, CEO BEZNext)
19:35 Questions and discussion regarding the keynote
19:50 Introduction of the SPEC RG Predictive Data Analytics (André Bauer, Uni Würzburg)
20:00 Open discussions
20:30 END

All times are based on CEST.

KEYNOTE: Modeling and optimization expand results of load testing and benchmarking

By Boris Zibitsker PhD, CEO BEZNext,

For most organizations, the journey to the cloud is well underway. Unfortunately, many cloud migration decisions do not have realistic performance and financial expectations, leading to unwelcome performance and financial surprises.

Many organizations rely on Load Testing, TPC benchmarks, and customized Proof of Concept tests to evaluate options, including selecting the right cloud data platform, migrating to the cloud, organizing dynamic capacity management, and optimizing DevOps decisions.

Benchmark tests provide a lot of valuable information; however, after spending a lot of time and effort, organizations can’t find the answer to critical business questions like:

This presentation reviews how our modeling and optimization approach based on iterative queueing network models and gradual optimization complement the benchmark tests. We will review several case studies, including cloud data platform selection, migration optimization, dynamic capacity management, and DevOps decisions optimization.

Our unique approach includes:

It reduces the risk of performance and financial surprises and enables closer collaboration between business, financial, and IT leaders.