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Workshop on Performance-Data Analytics and Data-Management (PANDA)


Disclaimer: Due to the current situation, PANDA Workshop 2022 will be held fully virtually. There will be no on-site conference.
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The field of data analytics/science has grown significantly in recent years as a means to make sense of the vast amount of available data. It has come through every aspect of computer science and engineering and is heavily involved in business decision-making. In the field of performance engineering, data analytics is for instance used for performance prediction and hence as a baseline instrument for controlling and improving the behaviour of a system.

Efficient and successful performance engineering depends on the definition of meaningful experiments, the choice of correct evaluation methodologies, the use of the correct algorithms, and also includes sophisticated data management. Only the combination of all these aspects leads to high reproducibility and reliable results.


The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners from various domains to foster the growth of an active community to advance the methods for automated performance engineering.

These domains include

Furthermore, another goal is to extend the number of available OpenAccess data sets of systems performance data.


The next workshop will take place fully virtually via Zoom on the 11th of April 2022 at 7pm CEST.